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About Childrens Eye Tests

Why Early Year eye
tests are so important

Protect your child’s vision: Regular eye tests from an early age are crucial to detect and address potential eyesight issues before they impact their education and overall well-being.

Kids eye test

what happens during 
an early age eye test?

Child-friendly eye tests made easy: We ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience for your little one with age-appropriate tests using letters, pictures, and shapes. You can stay by their side to help them relax, and we’ll conduct various tests to check their vision and eye health.

Childrens First Eye test

Ensure your child’s visual well-being: Schedule their first eye test around three and a half years old, but if you have any concerns earlier, tests can still be conducted at any age. Taking your child for an eye test before starting primary school provides peace of mind for their learning, and early tests are vital if there’s family history of eye issues like lazy eye or squints.

how much do children's eye tests cost?

The cost of a child’s eye test is covered by the NHS for all children under the age of 16. The cost is also covered for under 19’s in full time education

Eyesight Problem
Kids Glasses

Signs of eyesight problems in children

Visual Stress & Dyslexia

Treat visual stress and minimise the symptoms of Meares-Irlen Syndrome and dyslexia with the use of coloured lenses and overlays. The benefits can include:

  • Improved readability
  • Enhanced contrast
  • Reduced glare
  • Increased reading speed
  • Better comprehension

It’s important to note that coloured overlays may not be effective for everyone. Each person’s visual symptoms and needs are unique, and a professional evaluation is essential to determine the most suitable treatment options.


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