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Frequently asked questions

Regular eye tests are essential not only for determining accurate glasses or contact lens prescriptions but also for comprehensive eye health assessments. By detecting conditions early, from vision problems to systemic health issues like diabetes or hypertension, eye exams play a pivotal role in ensuring optimal eye health and overall well-being. Ensure your vision is clear and health risks are minimised by scheduling consistent eye check-ups

Navigate to the ‘Book A Test‘ button in the navigation bar. Select your preferred store location from the dropdown list. Choose an available date and time that suits you. Fill in the required personal details. Confirm your booking. Alternatively, you can book an eye test by giving us a call at the provided contact number on the individual store pages or by visiting our store in person.

The cost of an eye test at Frames Opticians can vary based on location and any ongoing offers or promotions. It’s best to contact your local store for the most up-to-date pricing. Additionally, some individuals may be eligible for NHS-funded eye tests, which can reduce or cover the cost. Private eye tests are generally £15.

Yes, Frames Opticians offers options to spread payments for certain products and services. We provide payment plans that allow customers to split the cost over a set period, making purchases more manageable. It’s advisable to speak with your local store for specific details on available payment plans and eligibility.

Yes! At Frames Opticians, you can obtain prescription sunglasses. In fact we offer a dedicated section called The Sunglasses Shop that offers a variety of stylish frames and designer options that can be fitted with prescription lenses, ensuring clear vision while also providing protection from the sun’s UV rays. For the latest styles and options available, it’s best to visit your local Frames Opticians store.